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Pacquiao Hatton Results Prediction | May 3, 2009

Hey its Manny Pacquiao versus Ricky Hatton later today. Most of you might be watching it on pay per view or Solar Sports or GMA-7. The rich and the famous will be watching it in Vegas. And so will some Tongressman too. If you want to watch it in the internet check out this Pacquiao Hatton site.

For Broxichow, he have “bullied” some of his friends in the California/Bay Area to invite him out and watch it PPV. Ok not bullied them completely, Broxichow will chip-in some bucks to cover the ppv bill. Broxichow is very excited with the Pacman and Hitman fight.

My fearless forecast and prediction and Mayweather Sr. will eat out his words : Pacquiao WINS over Hatton by Unanimous Decision

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