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Farm Town

June 15, 2009
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Broxichow loves farming now. No not pharming, that’s bad! Farming with an F. He discovered this farming game in Facebook called Farm Town. At first he thought it was boring but he in the end, he believes it is a good alternative when not fighting other Brutes 🙂 Oh how Broxichow loves the plants, the plowing, the harvesting, the cows and goats, and chickens and all other pets (not the usual dog, wolf and bear for a change). Oh just like the old childhood song, old Mcdonald have a farm, hi-ya-hi-ya-ho! Wish old Broxichow will have a big farm soon 🙂

If you are also a Facebook Farm Town player and want to know more some Farm Town Tips, please visit this Farm Town Cheats post.

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