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On Pinoy Politics | April 14, 2010

Politics in the Philippines is so complicated. Broxichow find it funny that the two top sides are throwing stuffs at each other. And their staunchest supporters battling it out even in social media.

Its not that Broxichow does not care, but hey if Brox is in other country he feels lighter without the Philippines politics. How come in California, there is this ad in the TV, saying Top XX reasons why we should not vote for this Governor or Senator AAA, and yet I believe they are all OK with it? Nobody’s complaining about it being negative campaigning? For Broxichow campaigning is 2 ways, for and against. He’s OK either way, its up to the voters to believe it or not.

But its already decided: Broxichow will post some political raves and rants here but not on the other blogs. As much as possible no politics in the official twitter account too.

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