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Mayweather and Mosley | May 1, 2010

Broxichow loves Boxing. And one of the exciting boxing match that will be happening this month is the Mayweather vs Mosley Who R U Picking match.

If you ask Broxichow, he is picking Sugar Shane Mosley. This guy is a fighter qnd the opponent is just a trash-talking machine! The trash-talking machine dude have been evading Mosley for a very long time but since he is now evading another fighter (Pacman) he decided he cannot evade both at the same time (else he will be really be called 100% KFC Kentucky Floyd Chicken) so the fight goes on today May 1. Enough said. Let the fight begin. Go Shane Mosley!!!

Broxichow is poor now so no HBO PPV. So maybe we will watch it via Mayweather Mosley sopcast.

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