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Broxi’s Dynamic Duo | November 23, 2012


His Feral Druid reached 90 early October and his Shadow Priestess maxed out this week. The druid have been messing with the farmville thing and other dailies for achievement points. The priestess was had a slow start to 90 but got some serious push when some ghey allianz rogue kept on camping her at the Four Winds.


Both the drood and the priestie got max profs (herbie,inscribez, enchants, sewing-kits) and its funny too that the goblin huntard stuck at 85 have maxed out the chemist profs due to the abundant herbs provided by the druid (310-flite-form-herb-gathering-skill works like a charm in MoP).

Quo Vadis?

Maybe the priestess will do pvp levelling (and some pve too )to gear up. Maybe priestess need to get good rep with Tillers too as we just recently discovered that Farmvilling can give a lot of harmonies at revered/exalted. Druid will continue with daily farm duties with the Tillers for the motes, and maybe gather more herbs for some regular supply of pot for Broxi and Raven toons.

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