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The Shaman Experiment

January 29, 2013
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Broxi never had an active shaman (for a long long time). But that was the first Horde character he rolled in vanilla circa 2006 (In the old PVE Server, It was a NE Huntard (1st char) and a Cow Shammy(2nd char).

The shammy name is special

  • Name of the Blogspot Blog
  • One of the early player/char names in War3 and War3x skirmishes

Therefore Broxi is launching the The Shaman Experiment in reply to Quo Vadis question posted in the Broxi’s Dynamic Duo post.

What’s the plan?

  • Delete cow shammy in PVE server- check!
  • Race should be l33t (Orc or Cow or Trollolol)
  • —The druid is already a cow so no Cow Shaman.
  • — The DK is already an Orc and it may be a good experiment in the future (Tanking hehe) so it’s decided that Shaman will be a Darkspear (Dat be good choice ‘mon) -Check!
  • The monk will give back the BOA XP-Boost DPS Leather armor piece to the shaman to spice up levelling in XP – Check!
  • Profs will be Skinning and LW – Check!
  • The warlock will give back the BOA XP-boost DPS/Caster Clothies to the shaman to have possible mana/int/spi boost + XP boost in preparation for Shammy plan (to heal or caster DPS in Dungeons) when dual specialization will be available
  • —Hoodie – Check! (Because BOA XP-Boost DPS Leather armor set don’t have a hoodie)
  • —-Rest of the BOA XP-boost DPS/Caster Clothies -TBD
  • Priestess will help get justice points for BOA XP-Boost Caster/Healing Set -TBD
  • Druid will create glyphs for shaman – TBD
  •  Priestess will create bags – TBD

And long term goal

  • Relive shaman excitement after reading Cataclysm/The Shattering book (remember Thrall and Aggra are shammies too!)
  • Have FUN!!!

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