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The Shaman Experiment March 2013 Update | March 31, 2013

A follow up post for the Broxi Shaman Experiment.

The shaman turned 65 over the weekend. Broxi is taking it slow and just having fun. He just forced to 60 last month so that it questing transpo in Outland will be faster with flying mount.

Some changes from last post .

Prof changes:

I followed the old and trusted rule for cash-strapped players. Have 2 gathering profs :). So in addition to Skinning the shaman is also doing mining now. Ores may be going to AH or to fuel goblin huntard‘s alchemist ambitions.


It seems Broxi is very comfy with the DPS spec levelling so the shaman is mostly doing the DPS-Agi-Enhancement build. Not sure if Broxi will be comfortable trying the ranged DPS (Elemental Build) so that it will be easy to transition to healing spec (the toon got some 4~5 Mail/INT heirlooms)

Thats all for now…

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