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Broxi’s Terrific Trio

June 11, 2013
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The Shaman dinged to 90 this weekend. Thanks to Patch 5.3’s 33%-less XP requirement from 85 to 90. So this completes Broxi’s Terrific Trio. The Shaman is kinda lost now on what to do next. Will he gather mats for the huntard? Maybe max the 2 gathering profs too? Will he complete the Darkspear Rebellion questline? Not sure yet, Broxi is just happy that the shaman can now fly around Pandaria.

The Priestess is done with some kor’kron-bashing and she got her lovely Darkspear Revolutionary title. Although its quite challenging because there are lots of higher geared player now and she feels she is far left behind.

Not much update on the kitty druid. Broxi really does not appreciate the scribz profs.

Quo Vadis?

Going for a quartet? then Quintet next?

Only time can tell! Broxi just plans to enjoy the game!

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