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BIR wants your Soul now, err I mean SALN

March 11, 2011
Comments Off on BIR wants your Soul now, err I mean SALN posted this article yesterday. SALN or Statement of Assets and Liabilities was previously required for all government officials only but it seems it will be required by BIR starting next year to all those with annual income of at least PHP 500,000.


Broxi have read other other articles from the net clarifying that its another form AIR that will be voluntary this year and mandatory this year. But it seems this is still a pain in the A for us people.

Broxi thinks that you bright folks at BIR are now targeting the helpless “smaller” fishes, instead of focusing on catching those big fishes (on tax evasion).

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Random Rant

August 2, 2010
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How many times do I feel that there are some people or team whose main job is to make my life miserable? I am trying my best to cope up with this never-ending stream of tasks and one of the things I do not need is someone or some team messing around my product/project’s communication and strategy.

But Mr. J is right. I should think positive. It should be the other way around: I’m here to make their life miserable. It’s payback time 🙂

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Beware of Sam Mendoza

July 31, 2010
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Broxichow is warning all readers here to beware of a certain Sam Mendoza that sends out random sms messages to random people and trying to scam them by asking for money or cellphone loads.

If you want to know more details, please visit this Sam Mendoza scam link

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Win Some, Lose Some

June 9, 2010
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And so it was Noynoy and Binay all along, but the question is “final na ba yan?”.

For Broxichow its like win some, lose some. Even on the local elections level. Let just support the winners and wish them luck and help them if needed. as the saying goes, Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country (hehe poetic ba?)

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Mayweather and Mosley

May 1, 2010
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Broxichow loves Boxing. And one of the exciting boxing match that will be happening this month is the Mayweather vs Mosley Who R U Picking match.

If you ask Broxichow, he is picking Sugar Shane Mosley. This guy is a fighter qnd the opponent is just a trash-talking machine! The trash-talking machine dude have been evading Mosley for a very long time but since he is now evading another fighter (Pacman) he decided he cannot evade both at the same time (else he will be really be called 100% KFC Kentucky Floyd Chicken) so the fight goes on today May 1. Enough said. Let the fight begin. Go Shane Mosley!!!

Broxichow is poor now so no HBO PPV. So maybe we will watch it via Mayweather Mosley sopcast.

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April 26, 2010
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As I mentioned on my Jejemon post, we need more jejeballs since the jejemons are multiplying.

Got this from wikimedia commons.

Thanks to wikimedia commons and to Burger King too, we can capture those jejemons and fit them in this jejeball.

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Broxichow on Jejemon

April 24, 2010
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Broxichow hates Jejemon. He is seriously considering enlisting to that facebook group that hunts jejemons (and put them on the jejeballs for good). Broxichow will then incinerate those Jejeballs so that they will be gone forever and ever… amen!

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Aardvark and the Party List Politics

April 23, 2010
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Just some ranting…

Some pinoy politicos bastardize the party list system… big time. Just look at the acronyms of the party list candidates?
Either they start with A or with numbers, so that they will placed on top of the list. Even Aardvark will not make it to the top 100?
What will they come up next time? AAA- triple A to honor the energizer bunny?
Or maybe 123-4, a coalition of the masa/passengers of jeepneys that do judas (Remember the jeepney signage God knows Judas not pay)

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On Pinoy Politics

April 14, 2010
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Politics in the Philippines is so complicated. Broxichow find it funny that the two top sides are throwing stuffs at each other. And their staunchest supporters battling it out even in social media.

Its not that Broxichow does not care, but hey if Brox is in other country he feels lighter without the Philippines politics. How come in California, there is this ad in the TV, saying Top XX reasons why we should not vote for this Governor or Senator AAA, and yet I believe they are all OK with it? Nobody’s complaining about it being negative campaigning? For Broxichow campaigning is 2 ways, for and against. He’s OK either way, its up to the voters to believe it or not.

But its already decided: Broxichow will post some political raves and rants here but not on the other blogs. As much as possible no politics in the official twitter account too.

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On Pacquiao and Clottey

March 14, 2010
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Broxichow loves boxing and Pacquiao. See the previous post on pacman-cotto pacman-hatton. Broxichow respects Clottey too. But in the end Broxichow predicts that Pacman will prevail over Clottey, maybe via knock on late late rounds (10, 11 or 12) or via unanimous decision.

Good luck!

Go Pacman! Go Team Pacquiao!

Broxichow wishes that if all goes well the winner of this fight will face the victor of the Sugar Shane and Trash-Talkie-Kid KFC.

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