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On Pacquiao and Clottey

March 14, 2010
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Broxichow loves boxing and Pacquiao. See the previous post on pacman-cotto pacman-hatton. Broxichow respects Clottey too. But in the end Broxichow predicts that Pacman will prevail over Clottey, maybe via knock on late late rounds (10, 11 or 12) or via unanimous decision.

Good luck!

Go Pacman! Go Team Pacquiao!

Broxichow wishes that if all goes well the winner of this fight will face the victor of the Sugar Shane and Trash-Talkie-Kid KFC.

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Pacquiao and Cotto

November 15, 2009
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Broxichow loves Boxing and he also likes Pacman a lot.

Today is Firepower Fight Day between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto. Broxichow watched their HBO 24/7 and was impressed with both fighters. They are strong boxers and this will be a good fight. Broxichow likes Pacquiao so he hopes Pacman wins.

I will post my predictions here later, but for now you can go to this Pacquiao vs Cotto Live post if you need to watch more action.

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El Floydie and El Dinamita

September 20, 2009
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Broxichow loves boxing. He raves about Pacman of course so he wishes him well over this next fight with Cotto.

But in a few hours El Floydie will battle El Dinamita in Viva Las Vegas. El Floydie has trenta y nueve (39) wins. Vente-cinco (25) by KO’s and magnifico! zero loss yet. Juan Manuel Marquez “El Dinamita” has has Cincuenta (50) Wins, Trenta y Siete (37) by KO’s, Cuatro (4) Losses, and 1-draw.

Broxichow is poor boy now (no mucho dinero). No Pay-Per-View so maybe I will look in internet for Mayweather Marquez Live Video Streaming. Maybe via justintv or any other site.