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Pangandaman Valley Golf Incident

December 31, 2008
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Its too sad that a petty golf argument will lead to a brawling incident. This blog POST reports that the town mayor of Masiu, Lanao Del Sur, Nasser Pangandaman Jr. and his bodyguards allegedly beat up a 56-year old businessman and his 14-year old son over some etiquette issues on the Valley Golf and Country Club golf course. The mayor is an interesting political figure. He is the son of Department of Agrarian Report Chief Nasser Pangandaman Sr, a strong political ally of our beloved GMA. Both sides are presenting their versions of the story to the media. But in the feudal world of the Republic of the Philippines, the version of the oppressed is more believable but will it be hold up in the proper courts of the land?

I hope for the speed recovery of the De la Pazes and pray that this incident will be settled and justice will be served.

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Barack Obama in Manila this weekend

December 21, 2008
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I found it here.

Its surprising that MalacaƱang Press Corps did not cover the issue. But seeing the President Elect of the Most Powerful Country (Barack Obama) having kare-kare and kapeng barako with (let’s skip the adjectives for GMA, this blog may become too nasty) Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is really is convincing.

My last words on this post: Motilium FTW!!!

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