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Abner Afuang and the Water Splashing Scene in the Senate

May 28, 2009

Broxichow loves Pokemon. Charmander tops his favorite pokemon list and next in line will be Squirtle and Pikachu. Charmander can grow into Charmeleon and then to Charizard. Pikachu will grow into Raichu. And Squirtle can grow into Wartortle and then to Blastoise. But I never think that there will be something that can beat Blastoise in water attacks. His name is Abner Afuang and he can splash some water so hard, I just wonder why the wicked Hayden Kho did not even flinch in the Senate.

Kudos to Abner Afuang and his water splash attack. Senate Sergeant-at-Arms will probably prevent you from doing that attack ever again but you and your water spirit will always live in Broxichow Realm.

Hayden Kho, screw you!!! If Broxichow was a Pokemon and was given a chance to attack you I will probably pick Pikachu and do some electric shock (I won’t stop till you drop).

Watch the video from this GMANEWS.TV on this Abner Afuang post in the internet.